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Allegory of the Sloth

We all start at the bottom...

Allegory of the Sloth:

There are three types of sloths...


One is the cute and cuddly tree dweller. Kind of like our White and Blue belts... They are becoming survival artist using patience, reference points, and timing to work from bottom to top. Growing like trees on earth for a foundation to find comfort and then flowing like water to escape intelligently. These guys are on the bottom, fighting to live.


The second type is the Megatherium. This colossus resembles our Purple and Brown Belts... These guys are a gigantic, prehistoric ground stomper weighing over over 4 tons. When the tides of battle turn from bottom to top in combat, transformation happens. The gravity becomes your augmentation to smash, and the wind is your partner to dance around the enemy to stay moves ahead. He has the experience and enough time on the ground now, living to fight.


The last type is Raiden Sloth. The Professors of our craft... they use the synergy of all elements and becomes an adversary unable to be adapted to efficiently. One can flow and dance, while being sharp, precise enough to use earth, gravity harmoniously to crush his foes. Moving from top to bottom and bottom to top, losing is not an option because learning is the only way of life.

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